Bacon for

what matters.

Stop trying to remember all your bills each month, and let Bacon track and pay them automatically. Better yet, with fewer fees, you’ll have more money to save for what matters, and Bacon helps you with those goals too! With Bacon, you won’t need any bailouts.

  • PAY

    Too many bills? Yeah, us too. We make paying bills from thousands of companies as easy as buying stuff online.

  • SAVE

    Bacon makes setting money aside, for a rainy day, a vacation, or whatever, as easy as forgetting to set money aside.

  • KNOW

    Keep tabs on all your accounts from any combination of credit unions and banks, not with a half dozen apps, just one Bacon.


Why you should bring Bacon home to your smartphone.


Are you ready to bring home Bacon? Search for your Financial Institution to see if they offer us!