Thanks to countless hours of research, Bacon is designed to specifically address your financial concerns, whatever they may be.

Auto Bill Pay

Through Bacon, you can schedule any bill directly from your app.

Account Aggregation

Multiple accounts held with various financial institutions pose no problem for Bacon. They can all be viewed in a combined timeline. We keep track of your money, so you can concentrate on enjoying it.

Savings Goals

Instead of throwing money in a faceless fund, Bacon gives you the ability to save for specific goals within your savings accounts. This lets you see where your money goes, and how quickly it's getting there.

P2P Transfers

Bacon gives you the ability to pay anyone, anywhere- straight from your bank account and protected by the security you trust.


Bacon doesn’t replace your digital services offered. It enhances them. You are now able to access what was previously only available via a third party app.