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A gorgeous tool devoted to consumers, backed by us, and available to you.

Consumers want to live ahead of the game, so we’ve created an app that they can use daily to live their best life, and our Partners have the opportunity to bring that to their customers, today.

Bacon for Business


Your customers are juggling more bills than ever between utilities, internet services, loans, and the latest monthly subscription services.


Our research participants overwhelmingly want to see their savings accounts grow, and Bacon’s automatic and manual savings goals were met with universal delight. Your customers want to take advantage of the savings accounts they already have, or are willing to add, by using Bacon’s easy goal features.


Customer choices in banking abound and your customers have multiple accounts with multiple institutions. Only Bacon gives them the institution agnostic platform to leverage their existing accounts and apps, while building brand loyalty to partner institutions.

Bill Remittance

Only Bacon gives users the ability to pay their bills not just electronically, but through paper check bill remittance to any company, all through the same intuitive interface.


Bacon uses an extremely secure combination of modern cloud architecture provided by Amazon Web Services, and the latest in hardware authentication and encryption, and application level best practices to minimize risks for all data at rest and in transit.

Flexible API

Bacon for iOS is just the first product in a family built on an extensive API that allows for rapid modular expansion both by us and our partners. Road mapped? No, available today and ready for the future.

P2P Transfers

With Bacon’s extensive foundation of bill payment features, person to person payment was a natural extension and way to retain users with the latest technology and ease of use. Easier than competing third party apps and measurably more useful!


Bacon currently partners with a number of Financial Institutions to offer their customers the financial advantage of Bacon. Join the winner’s circle and offer your users a cobranded experience that builds your brand loyalty by understanding their needs and providing them best in class features.